There are so many types of exfoliants on the market. Exfoliants come in all sort of shapes and sizes. Whether you decide to use a manual, chemical or electronic exfoliant, all will help to unveil younger, more radiant skin. The manual and chemical exfoliants should only be used once or twice a week, while electronic exfoliants are gentle enough to use daily.

Here are 6 reasons why you should add exfoliant to your beauty routine.

1. Unveils youthful skin. Exfoliation eliminates imperfections such as dullness, roughness, uneven skin tone caused by environmental damage.

2. Hydrates the skin. AHA exfoliant are preferred for sun-damaged and dry skin, because it exfoliate the surface of the skin and improves moisture content.

3. Improves oily skin complexion. BHA exfoliant works on the surface and as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic agent. It penetrates build up sebum that leads to clogged pores. Preferred for oily, acne-prone skin.

4. Smooths wrinkles and fine lines. Some type of exfoliants work particularly well within the deeper layers of the skin. Retinoic acid or retinol mediates the functions of vitamin A required for growth and development. Therefore, it repairs the lower layers where collagen and elastin reside and with continued use, skin will look smoother and younger each day.

5. Fades hyper-pigmentation. Another word, brown spots that come with age, pregnancy, hormonal changes, genetics. These spots tend to become more apparent and darker as the skin ages. Exfoliation is beneficial for breaking up the pigmented cells to allow them to fade. Combined with a skin lightening agent, such as Vitamin C or Hydroquinone, it will help accelerate the fading process.

6. Heals post-breakouts red/dark marks. The key to fading those post-breakout marks is to increase exfoliation. The more you remove the surface damaged cells, the more you are ridding the skin of the dark marks and encouraging the formation of new healthy (non-scarred) skin cells. The result is more even-toned skin with less scarring.

Throughout the year, our skin goes through changes and is forced to adapt to the revolving seasons. To keep your skin smooth and bright all year round, exfoliating is the key to success. The goal is to exfoliate as much as possible, with minimal irritation. The skin likes little boosts but not on daily basis.