The days when most men thought that dragging a bar of soap across their faces was enough to maintain healthy skin are long gone. The men’s grooming industry is currently booming, evidenced by the number of searches on “mens facial near me” and the fact that more men are enjoying the amazing benefits of facial treatments. Some men, however, still think facials are only for women. Note that men require just as much skin care treatments as women or even more, primarily because of the higher testosterone levels which lead to higher oil production and, therefore, higher risks of clogged pores and acne. Not enough to Google search “mens facial near me”? Keep reading!

  1. Healthier skin

    This is probably the most obvious reason you should be having a facial treatment. Remember that you are exposed to a lot of pollutants and pathogens on a daily basis which contributes to making your skin look dull. Having regular facial treatments will help remove blackheads, dead skin and get rid of other skin conditions. This helps maintain a healthy and bright- looking skin.

  2. Neater Shave

    If you are one of those men who have sensitive skin and experience razor bumps after shaving, then having a facial is a great remedy. Having these bumps every time you shave can make you really uncomfortable. A regular men’s facial treatment will help relieve skin issues caused by shaving, leading to a neater shave.

  3. Stress relief

    Going about your daily activities can be really stressful. Having a facial treatment is a great way for you to relieve that stress. You will feel more relaxed during and after the treatment, making you more equipped to take on life’s challenges.

Everyone should be enjoying healthy skin, and one of the secrets to a sleek and bright look is having regular facial treatments. You might get confused with all the options once you type “mens facial near me”. Don’t worry ANAMI London has got your “face”. Contact us for more information.