Therapeutic massage describes any type of massage meant to relieve the body of pain. It decreases the levels of stress. There are different types of therapeutic massages in the world! But here are 10 therapeutic massages that you should try:


Swedish massage is the foundation of some other massages: deep-tissue and sports massages. Swedish massage utilizes the concept of anatomy and physiology. Soft, long kneading strokes are in this type of massages. It also entails the movement of joints, and is great for relaxation and regaining energy. It enhances blood circulation in the muscles. It relieves carpal tunnel syndrome, reduces headaches, and symptoms of fibromyalgia.


Shiatsu is the combination of Japanese and Chinese massages: Anma and Acupuncture. It strengthens the human body’s ability to heal and balance itself. It is beneficial on a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level. Shiatsu means finger pressure which is the technique used by a practitioner. It regulates blood pressure, digestive orders, relieves sciatica, neck & back pain, insomnia, etc.


Pregnancy is strenuous on the female body. Thank God for the prenatal massage. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through so many changes. This therapeutic massage makes the duration of her pregnancy easier and more enjoyable. Prenatal massage suits every mother-to-be depending on her needs. It helps relieve a stiff neck, back pain, headaches, leg cramps, edema, etc.
It also helps to prevent preterm birth and low birth weight.


Hot stone massage or therapy uses flat, heated basalt river stones that and placed on the back. It heals muscle pains, reduces stress & anxiety, promotes sleep, boosts immunity, etc.


Sports massage was specially developed for athletes. It is the manipulation of the soft tissue to relieve pain. This is the therapeutic massage for all athletes. 


This is for radiating pain in the trigger point located in the head, back, neck, etc. Such pain is due to poor posture.


The Thai massage is a combination of Indian Ayurvedic principles, acupressure, and yoga. Compression and stretching make up Thai massage techniques. It improves the flow of energy in the body.


Chair massage doesn’t last long: 15 minutes tops. For this massage, you remain seated with your clothes on. It is a quick massage meant to relax and de-stress. Chair massages reduce the risk of musculoskeletal aches & pains. And also, boosts the immune system, lower blood pressure, and improves sleep quality.


There are different kinds of traditional Chinese massages. Qigong massage or An Mo, the foundation of Japan’s Anma, Tui Na An Mo, Dian Xue An Mo, Zhi Ya, etc.
These massages work on the entire body restoring balance.


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle massage on the head, spinal column and sacrum to restore balance, relieve pain and stress.
Therapeutic massage is great for your physical, emotional and mental health. If you would love to enough a nice, soft and long massage, come to ANAMI. Contact us for more information.