Finding a place for a full body massage near your location can be difficult. I mean, where do you start? Do you take recommendations made by friends and family or do you check for online reviews from total strangers? Seems like a headache, right?

Not anymore!

ANAMI London is the top therapeutic holistic and aesthetics practice based in East London. We offer different types of facials, massages and reflexology using the latest technologies and techniques.

Why a full body massage is important?

A full body massage is recommended a few times in the month. A lot of people live sedentary lives; they remain seated for a very long time. This causes health problems such as back pain, swollen feet, neck pain, etc. All of which lead to bad posture. For these reasons, getting a full body massage comes highly recommended. The different types of full body massages are:

1. Swedish massage is a type of massage treatment created to improve blood circulation and sooth fibrous tissue, and help you relax. Slower, firmer strokes and pressure will work on deeper layers of the muscles.

2. Therapeutic massage is a treatment that aids in relieving pain and working on stiff shoulders.

3. De-stress massage is a relaxing massage helps to reduce stress, pain, and discomfort. This massage also activates your pleasure receptors in your brain causing you immense glee.

4. Sports massage are for athletes or those who partake in strenuous sports like basketball, football, boxing, gymnastics, swimming, muay thai, etc.

Find a full body massage near you in East London – ANAMI London. Be sure to book a session.